We are a group of lawyers, accountants and image consultants coming from former firms who operate in the field of i.p. and food law and assist the Client concerning fiscal policy.

Not just a patent office! We work in team with companies, we provide assistance through specialized figures in the various areas of i.p. and legal assistance. Markinvenio is near to small realities and their great needs.

Our philosophy is to build players in the global competition market, aware of how to respect their own peculiar characteristics, enhancing even the most hidden aspects of designing the business and doing business to overcome any distance.


According to us true innovations enhance the unique resources of each entrepreneurial reality and each individual inventor.


Contractual assistance (licenses, assignments, contracts). Alternative resolution of disputes, mediation, arbitration. Patent registration.


La scatola degli incontri is a new and innovative Market Service, a meeting between supply and demand in a dynamic and fresh environment.